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Deductive And Inductive Types Of Validity, Not Argument - 825 Words

Deductive And Inductive: Types Of Validity, Not Types Of Argument (Essay Sample) Content: Professors NameStudents NameCourseDateInductive Reasoning AssignmentRecently I found my uncle, a Texas warden talking about tigers with my dad at home. I became interested in the discussion, as it had been reported some years back that there were more tigers in captivity as compared to those in the wild. I was curious to know which types are native to this particular region and therefore that was my first question to ask him. My uncle answered that all tigers that were in captivity together with those that he had observed in Texas wild have black stripes on orange fur and thus they are the native to this particular area. This statement is an example of strong inductive generalization, and I will focus on explaining why it should not be assumed as entirely correct.Although all that have been observed by my uncle since he was young in Texas are black striped on orange fur, the existence of white tigers cannot be overlooked. Centered on this, a person can adopt that gene ralization mentioned in this statement in not accurate although chances of observing white tigers are minimal. This makes my uncles conclusion an example of strong induction. Fundamentally, induction is defined as a conclusion, which is backed by evidence largely (Hitchcock 1).An inductive argument is a type of reasoning in which chances of the conclusion being false are substantial even when all the proofs to support it are true. Contrary to deductive perceptive which from generalization to preciseness, inductive begins with a particular argument and then arrives at a general conclusion (Hitchcock 2). For instance, my uncle first stated that he have only observed precisely the tigers that have orange fur with black stripes which is an accurate statement. It is from this observation that he then generalizes his logic that these types of cats must be natives to Texas.An inductive generalization statement uses premises that are limited to number of things of a particular kind to concl ude about most or all things of that subject or type (Hitchcock 2). For instance, in this example, the evidence used by my uncle was based on his observation only. Such support is inadequate since Texas is a huge location and using one persons observation as a premise to ascertain that black striped tigers with orange fur are the natives is incorrect. Probably, if the evidence would have been based on environmental causes such as the region climatic condition cannot support other types of tigers then the statement would have been correct.In evaluating generalization claims, one uses three types of questions. First, one requires verifying whether the premises given are accurate (Hitchcock 2). In this example, one can conclude that the statement made by uncle is correct as he has never seen any other types of tigers. Secondly, one is required to ascertain whether the sample used is broad enough to verify the claim (Hitchcock 2). In case of my uncle although it is based on one person the sample size is sufficient because the captured animals which as earlier indicated form the majority population in of the entire number of tigers in Texas were all black stripped with an orange fur.Additionally, given that my uncle is a warden and spends most of his time in forest looking after wild animals for over two decades, it can be concluded that it is almost impossible to come across white tigers in that region which gives his statement a solid foundation. Finally, one requires establishing whether the sample is a representative of normal population as a whole (Hitchcock 2). Given that most captured tigers that were found in Texas were from the wild and they represent adequately the population of the ...

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The Theory Of Self Advocacy - 1162 Words

100% accuracy during five trial periods which is connected with his Postsecondary goal that after his graduation from high school, Bobby will independently use public transportation in the community. Teachers can monitor the student’s progress on the goal by gathering information on a form that requires minimal time and effort to complete without sacrificing accuracy. The data survey form can contain student’s performance during this event, frequency of needed reminders, and supports that have been given to help the student with this specific skill. By utilizing a self-monitoring checklist, the student can take an active role in observing progress towards achievement of the goal. The concept of self-advocacy also can be expressed in the student’s selection of short term and long term goals which not only pertain to course selection and steps needed to achieve success in those courses but also how courses go hand-in-hand with the selection of his/her postsecondary environment (2 or 4-year college, vocational setting, military, or straight into employment) and career. Student’s input is very important because in order for the student to demonstrate optimal internal motivation (student achieving satisfaction from the action), the student must have vested interest in achieving the goal. In order to pursue an activity and possible internal or external reward, the student must value the skill that will be accomplished by the action. They break the motivation intertwinedShow MoreRelatedNursing Profession And Label Nurses877 Words   |  4 PagesANA developed the following definition of nursing: â€Å"Nursing is the protection, promotion and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury, alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response, and advocacy in the care of individuals, families, communities, and populations† (ANA, 2010, p. 10). Florence Nightingale is considered the first of all nursing theorists. Nightingale defined nursing as â€Å"the act of utilizing the environment of the patient toRead MoreFlorence Nightingale : A Woman With Endless Wisdom And Timeless Insight1338 Words   |  6 Pagespassion for all of her work and was honored with the title of the first recognized nursing theorist. Much of modern day nursing has been influenced and defined by those theories of Florence Nightingale. A nursing theory is defined as a concept that provides a framework for nursing. There are four main components associated with nursing theory; person, environment, health and nursing. Person refers to the patient that the nurse is interacting with and can include more than one person including families andRead MoreLeadership Styles Of Leadership And Leadership1077 Words   |  5 Pagesand rely on mentors for guidance. In addition I will blend different styles of leadership and theories to suit situations. Most importa ntly I want to be a leader who puts others first. Through personality assessments I learned that I needed to incorporate and balance various types of leadership skills such as participative, delegative and authoritarian. I learned to implement different leadership theories like Contingency, and Transnational leadership. I had to learn how to be a leader verses a managerRead MorePatient Advocacy: a Concept Analysis Essay1332 Words   |  6 PagesConcept Analysis: Patient Advocacy Abstract The purpose of this concept analysis is to clarify, define, and refine how patient advocacy is perceived in the nursing community. Much of the literature has attempted to define patient advocacy and emphasis its role within the nursing profession. This paper will discuss multiple definitions of patient advocacy from existing literature and refine them into two critical characteristics. Concept Analysis: Patient Advocacy (10%)I Ââ€" SELECTION OF CONCEPT Read MoreWomen Poverty And Trauma Summary1159 Words   |  5 PagesIntro: Jean Francis East and Susan J. Roll’s article: Women, Poverty, and Trauma: An Empowerment Practice Approach illustrates the benefits of applying empowerment theory in Social Work practice when working with women who’ve experienced poverty and trauma. Through their 20 years of experience in utilizing this approach, they learn that its effects have been rewarding and successful. The following paper is an analysis and critique of this intervention. The article focuses on the â€Å"feminizationRead MoreMy Personal Philosophy Of Nursing1525 Words   |  7 Pagesdifferent people, The American nursing association defined nursing as â€Å"the protection, and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury, alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response, and advocacy in the care of individuals, families, communities, and populations† (ANA,2012). I believe that personal philosophy of nursing is important to the professional nurse and to me in particular because it demonstrates the principals and personal valuesRead MoreLeon Festingers Theory Of Cognitive Dissonance1500 Words   |  6 PagesThis essay will evaluate the presentation of Leon Festinger’s theory of cognitive dissonance in the world of social psychology. Throughout I will discuss the establishment of his theory, it’s supporting evidence and any limitations of this. I will also deliberate what it can explain and the alternative explanations presented by other psychologists; how they differ from Festinger’s, how they add to Festinger’s original theory and finally how they extend the knowledge in understanding the interactionRead MoreThe Importance Of Need For Achievement As A Motivation Driver1606 Words   |  7 PagesAdventist Hospital foundation and management to realize with a need for achievement of every individual in enhancing satisfaction, advocacy and employee performance. Therefore, Adventist Hospital foundation and leaders can use this study as keys to determine the factors of achievement that should be rewarded to employees in order to enhance and rectify their satisfaction, advocacy and job performance at their workplace. These study findings are important for managers and human resource management departmentRead MoreThe Recording Aspect Of The Taping Assignment Allowed Me1257 Words   |  6 Pagesassignment allowed me to understand the process and value of advocacy. As I was hearing myself speak about oppression and the impact it has on individuals and communities, it allowed me to process my thoughts differently than through a typical writing assignment. I came to the realization that advocacy begins one individual at a time, that a dialogue is the simple first step to solving systems of oppression. Unfortunately, the value of advocacy in my recording lost its value because I wrote a script inRead MoreTeaching And Promoting Self Determination1406 Words   |  6 Pagesmeet this federal mandate, teaching and promoting self-determination and the core components of self-determination have become an evidenced based, and best practices for educators in middle and high school, and helping students with d isabilities meet their post secondary goals and experience a more successful transition from high school to post secondary domains. This review discusses the research that addresses how the impact of instruction in self-determination given to students with disabilities

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The Augustan Age and Alexander Pope Free Essay Example, 2000 words

Literary critics have often commented that among the English satirists, Pope occupies a great place. Because of his physical constitution, Pope often ridiculed individual weaknesses of Englishmen as well as female sex. As a believer in Roman Catholic religion, Pope had subjected to the contempt and hatred of many English people. Catholic people were deeply burdened with various taxes and were prohibited from acquiring real property. One can comprehend Pope s style through the words of Paul Baines when he rightly observed Poe s style of writing. According to the author, Pope s handling of seemingly opposed moods (insolence, elegance, majesty, the ludicrous, pathos) is not only a sign of wonderful versatility but is the mark of a truly creative engagement with the world (Baines, 2000. P. 159) Such restrictions later forced him to think about pessimism and the ways to attack Protestantism through the medium of writing. Above all, Pope s life was a series of petty machinations, trickeri es, and deceptions. Revenge and pessimism are the only expressions of such a man of irritable and suspicious nature. Literature has often been regarded as the interpretation of life and a means for criticizing the follies and foibles of society. We will write a custom essay sample on The Augustan Age and Alexander Pope or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/page Respectability and structured conformity played a vital role in literature. Boundless imagination and overflowing enthusiasm have vanished in Augustine age. Rational thinking and it took precedence over imagination. People in English society repress their real emotions and this hypocrisy has often revealed in literature.

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The Debate On Global Warming - 1087 Words

Global Warming Argumentive Essay Both Al Gore and Daniel Botkin have different arguments on global warming. They are both think very similar on the same topic. Because one part of the argument is serious, and the other one is not so much. But, the point is that both of their stories are pointing out to their views on this issue. But, according to Webster Dictionary, Global Warming is when the increase in the world’s temperature that is to believe to increase by carbon dioxide. Both of the authors have a different view on this topic they have a different position, logic, and facts on what Global warming really is. Gore’s take on the global warming issue is serious, because he is talking about the dangers of global warming . He states in†¦show more content†¦But, it makes the hurricanes stronger; in which it just magnifies its own destructive power. He states, in his words that hurricanes are like heat engines. This is because of how heat type gases warming the waters, such as rivers and oceans. Botkin tends to use scarce tactics, which are very similar to Gore. He states, in his essay â€Å"Global Warming Delusions† that â€Å"contrary to the latest news, the evidence on global warming will have very serious effects on life is thin†. Therefore, Botkins evidence is focusing on the contrary of the global warming issue. In 2007, global warming climate change experts say that twenty to thirty percent of animals will be threatened by extinction if global warming actually happens. However, during the past 2.5 million years scientists have experienced the climactic change and how rapid and warm it is. In fact, he believes that modern climatological models will make almost every spices on the planet to be extinct. The only exceptions of the global warming extinctions are the large mammal such as saber tooth tigers and mammoths. The only reason, is because they have lived for a thousand to five thousand plus years than other species on the plant during the Antarctic i ce age days. Botkin claims that the earth was once warned about the tropical diseases spreading due to global warming. However, sources have proven to us that some changes in the temperature are not consistent with the changes of

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Psychology Fritz And Laura Perls - 1875 Words

answers will not be adequate to answer these questions. 1. Who is/are the founder(s) and/or major contributor(s) to this theory? 2. The main Gestalt contributors that comes to mind for most people is Fritz and Laura Perls. Both Fritz and Laura were born in Germany. Fritz Perls was a psychotherapist and psychiatrist and Laura Perls was a psychotherapist and psychologist. They believed therapy should be actively experienced in contrast to the more one-dimensional traditional talk therapy. They emphasized the importance of becoming aware of what the mind is doing and how it is doing it. For the therapy session to be beneficial the client and therapist needs to be authentically committed to being fully engaged in the time spent in the therapy session. Fritz is known for his more confrontational approach to therapy. His process towards the client/therapist relationship took on an irritating and chafing experience for the client. Laura on the other hand, felt the Gestalt form of therapy should be approached in a more humane, non-judgmental and non-offensive manner. She also stressed that the therapeutic processes ar e varied and many and not as consequential as the therapists themselves. Others agreed with Laura and followed suit with the establishment of the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland. 3. Erving Polster is a psychologist; author and instructor who helped popularize Gestalt therapy. He became aware of Gestalt therapy in the 1950’s when he participated in a workshop alongShow MoreRelatedGestalt Therapy Essay1055 Words   |  5 PagesGestalt therapy is a therapeutic approach in psychology that helped foster the humanistic theories of the 1950s and 1960s and that was, in turn, influenced by them. In Gestalt philosophy, the patient is seen as having better insight into himself or herself than the therapist does. Thus, the therapist guides the person on a self-directed path to awareness and refrains from interpreting the patient’s behaviors. Awareness comprises recognition of one’s responsibility for choices, self-knowledge, andRead MorePsychology And Its Impact On Psychology2199 Words   |  9 Pagesto better understand psychology and psychotherapy is it crucial to understand those who helped to build it up to what it is today. Who they are, what they did and why they did it. What makes their contributions crucial? The need to recognize their impact during their time and how that impact continues to influence psychology in today’s age. The subject today is on Gestalt psychology and progenitor Dr. Fritz Perls. Friedrich (Frederick) Perls, better known by his nickname Fritz, is the pioneer behindRead MoreCompare and Contrast Gestalt Therapy and Person Centred Therapy3793 Words   |  16 Pagestotalities via the process of perception. The concept of Gestalt psychotherapy was then formally developed by Fritz Perlsduring the 1950s, a well known psychiatrist and psychotherapist that initiated an entirely new approach to psychotherapy. The name  «Gestalt » means  «form » and is derived from Hans-Jurgen Walters  «Gestalt Theory Psychotherapy » which is based on Gestalt psychology. Gestalt psychology relates to the interconnection of the individual and the increase in awareness where the individuals sensesRead MoreComparing Theories Of Counselling From Psychodynamic, Humanistic And Cognitive Behavioral Traditions3216 Words   |  13 Pagesperson-centered approach and Fritz Perls who developed Gestalt therapy. Although they are both regarded as humanistic counsellors, they share a v ery different approach when working with clients. I have chosen to analyse these two theorists because of their contrasting styles, in particular my curiosity was sparked after viewing both Perls and Rogers sessions with Gloria. I found it fascinating how such different styles could still be successful in therapy. In particular fritz perls style really grabbedRead MoreThe Concept of Gestalt Psychology1439 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Running Head: What Gestalt psychology What Gestalt psychology Introduction Gestalt psychology is also referred to as Gestaltism. In German language, the word means the shape or an essence of complete form that an entity can take. The theory is based on the working of the mind and brain and it originated from the School of Berlin. The main principle of the theory is that the brain is an analog and a holistic organ having the capability to manage and organize itself (Hergenhahn, 2005, p. 78)Read MoreGestalt Therapy2369 Words   |  10 PagesQuotation GESTALT THERAPY Psychology 460 Counseling and Interviewing Sheila K. Grant, Ph.D. †¢ I am not in this world to live up to other people s expectations, nor do I feel that the world must live up to mine. --Fritz Perls 1 2 Theory of Personality †¢ A person exists by differentiating self from other by connecting self other †¢ These are the two functions of a boundary †¢ The boundary between self environment must be permeable to allow for exchanges, yet firm enough toRead MoreDescriptive Essay : Empty Chair Method1777 Words   |  8 Pagesafter researching information about this type of method, I can understand why it sparked the imagination of therapists and theorists from a wide range of perspectives. History This method was made famous largely because of the work of Frederick â€Å"Fritz† Perls, the founder of Gestalt therapy. â€Å"The word Gestalt is used to describe a phenomenon or concept if you will, in which the â€Å"whole† is considered as greater than the sum total of all its parts† (Giligan, ND). The Empty Chair Method is one of theRead MoreTransactional Analysis and Gestalt Therapy Essay3497 Words   |  14 Pagesgrowth and development is likely to be attained. Their significance is illuminated by the fact that both of them encourage the patient’s ‘here and now’ awareness, which is fundamental in personal development (Brenner 2000). 2. Gestalt Fritz and Laura Perls are responsible for the founding of gestalt therapy in the 1940’s. From there on, Gestalt has contributed significantly to the field of psychotherapy, counseling, and personal development. When therapist uses this method, his or her ultimateRead MoreEssay on The Comparison Between Psychodynamic and Humanistic Theory2516 Words   |  11 Pagesdrive was to become the person that one truly is. Gestalt Therapy is a psychotherapy, based on the experiential ideal of here and now, and relationships with others and the world, and was co-founded by Fritz Perls, Laura Perls and Paul Goodman in the 1940s-1950s (Wikipidia 2004). Perls did not belive in a single particular theory. He thought you should always just go with the flow and work with what you have and what is happening in the now. He placed great importance on the client becomingRead MoreModalities of Hypnotherapy2477 Words   |  10 Pagesand in turn the client could become resistant or at worst, traumatised e.g. â€Å"You have been gifted your beautiful unique skin by Buddha† if the client is a devout Christian. Gestalt Therapy is a humanistic therapy technique established by Laura and Fritz Perls in the 1940-1950’s. This therapy focuses on acquiring awareness of emotions and behaviours that exists in the here and now rather than delving into the past. Instead of the therapist interpreting experiences for the client, the therapist works

Human Resource Management and Evolutionary Strategic Approach

e-Recruiting Assignment 4 Chastity Byrd Dr. Dana Richmond, MBA Strayer University May 26, 2012 1. Suggest how HR professionals can use online recruiting to more effectively support recruitment activities while reducing organizational costs. In order to effectively use online recruiting, the professionals must understand how the process works; this is done by providing a framework of understanding the antecedents and outcomes of recruitment (Gueutal amp; Stone, 2005). One way is to use the Rynes’s (1991) model. This model suggests that the applicants gather information about organizations to assess the types of rewards offered by the organization and determine whether or not they meet the requirements of the job (Gueutal et†¦show more content†¦The numerous expectations that shape the psychological contract include the work role (skills use, job performance), social relations (coworker and customer interactions), economic rewards (raises, monetary incentives), and company culture (Baker, 1985; Breaugh amp; Starke, 2000; Kavanagh et al, 2012). According to Hen eman amp; Judge, 2006, one approach to use to ensure psychological contracts are filled is a realistic recruitment message. This message describes the organization and the job as they truly are without sugarcoating (Heneman amp; Judge, 2006; Kavanagh et al, 2012). A realistic job preview is an important tool that a lot of organizations use, it shows applicants the positive and negative characteristics of a job they are applying for to see if this job is truly what they desire or thought it was (Wanous,1992). These previews can be communicated via written information that is posted on the employers’ Web sites (Heneman amp; Judge, 2006; Kavanagh et al, 2012; Wanous, 1992) 4. Suggest three (3) strategies you would use to attract high-quality candidates and members of diverse groups using e-Recruitment approach. One strategy to use to attract candidates would be through social media. Examples of social media would be Facebook, Twitter and even email such as Yahoo, Google, etc.Show MoreRelatedSamsung Electronics Company Strategic Management System Essay1394 Words   |  6 Pagesstrategies and carry out open management that removes all restrictive discriminatory institutions and practices. The human resources, technology, marketing and design departments are getting more and more importance as competitive resources. So far Samsung has used these resources very effectively. That is why management scholars have been looking at Samsung Electronics Company as a successful case of the leading global company. Chairman Lee declared the launch of New Management in Frankfurt in 1993.Read MoreLimitations to Hr Planning1743 Words   |  7 Pages | Question: Examine the limitation to Human Resource Planning. What you advocate as the measures for dealing with identified limitations? Definition of Human Resource Management It is proposed that we take human resource management to be that part of management concerned with: All the decisions, strategies, factors, principles, operations, practices, functions, activities and methods related to the management of people as employees in any type of organisation (includingRead More Strategic Human Resource Management Essay1236 Words   |  5 PagesArmstrong ( 2010) defined Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) as â€Å"an approach to making decisions on the intentions and plans of the organisation in the shape of the policies, programmes and practices concerning the employment relationship, resourcing, learning and development, performance management , rewards and employee relationships,† ( p. 115). There is a paradigm shift from a functional role to a tactical one through the strategic management process. SHRM is very important toRead MoreCritically compare and contrast the ‘Best Fit’, ‘Best Practice’ and ‘Resource-Based View’, models of HRM strategy and explain how each approach is argued to contrib ute to improved organisational performance.2489 Words   |  10 PagesPRACTICE AND RESOURCE-BASED VIEW, MODELS OF HRM STRATEGY AND EXPLAIN HOW EACH APPROACH IS ARGUED TO CONTRIBUTE TO IMPROVED ORGANISATIONAL PERFORMANCE. Strategy is the skill and planning that are involved in governing resources. In a business sense this relates to a set of ideas, policies and practices which management adopt in order to achieve a people management objective in studying Human Resource Management it is important to differentiate between the operational and the strategic methodsRead MoreHuman Resource Management And Business Strategy Essay1307 Words   |  6 Pagesbetween human resource management and business strategy is one of the most m important demands that are placed upon modern strategic human resource management. In both the management and the academic literature, it is generally acknowledged that the strategic deployment and management of personnel can contribute to the success and continuity of the firm. Some go even further by stating that a firm’s human resources form the basis of the firm’s competitive advantage. In this view, the human resourcesRead MoreAnalysis of the Success of Huawei: Coincidence or Consequence?2835 Words   |  12 Pagesthe largest telecommunications equipment manufacturers in China. This paper applies two prevalent organizational theories: the ecological and evolutionary approach and the resource-based view, to interpret the causes of the success of Huawei. Based on the strength and weakness analysis of each theory in the explanation of the same phenomenon, the resource-based view is recommended as a more effective theory to examine the organization structure and business strategies. Introduction EstablishedRead MoreManagement For A Small Planet : Book Review1356 Words   |  6 PagesManagement for a Small Planet: Book Review Preface This book is based on the environmental issues which help the managers decide on the strategic decisions that are both economically successful and delicate to the natural enviroment. It will help managers to know about the current global and public issues which particularly relate to the economic activities but the businesses. There are scientific, social and economic concepts being introduced, which can be co related to sensitive environmentalRead MoreManagement Challenges in the 21st Century3650 Words   |  15 PagesManagement Challenges in the 21st Century Introduction The traditional management education and training relies heavily on left-brain thinking, deductive reasoning and analytical thinking.   The managers of the future require a different set of skills based on the functioning of the right-brain like holistic or systems thinking, intuitive problem-solving and value-driven decision-making. While state parastatals could benefit from a number of these corporate lessons, readers should be clear aboutRead MoreSwot Analysis Of Ryanair862 Words   |  4 PagesAbstract The aim of this report is to explain and analyse the role of Human Resource Management in the airline company Ryanair. To provide a background information of organisational structure, their vision, mission and strategic goals. Outline the key challenges and opportunities faced by their Human Resource Management. Table of Contents HR Strategy in Ryanair 6 Ryanair HR Planning 7 Managerial Judgement 7 Delphi Technique 8 HR Audit 8 Global Macro Environment (PEST) 9 Political/Legal 9 EconomicRead MoreMgt 497 Week One1204 Words   |  5 Pagesin strategic management of incremental innovation, but is a major strategic factor in radical innovation. Conventional strategy analysis tools such as Porter’s ï ¬ ve forces industry analysis are useful for low levels of uncertainty but as uncertainty increases, the key elements of successful strategy become search and responsiveness, helping ï ¬ rms to react to unforeseen events (Courtney, Kirkland, and Viguerie 1997). Sony’s resources used in innovation strategy include: (1) financial resources and

Violence in the Workplace

Question: Discuss about the Violence in the Workplace. Answer: Workplace violence According to the article, Violence in the Workplace (2009), workplace violence is common and a universal phenomenon that cuts across all organizations. Workplace violence is one of the ridiculous incidents I have ever encountered in my life. The crisis that I encountered was a misunderstanding between the administrative manager and his personal assistance secretary. The problem started way back when the organization set out and hired a new administrative manager. Upon hiring the new administrative manager, a few weeks in office after the newly hired manager had acquainted himself with the organization`s system and procedures, it was his time to exercise his mandate to bring positive changes to the organization. In the event of trying to introduce the changes, it was difficult for the administrative manager to cope with other staff members starting from his personal secretary. The secretary noted the new changes will affect their status quo and had to find a defensive way to maintain their way of life. Thus, the secretary started developing excuses in office. First, the secretary was complaining of being overworked and the strictness of the manager was a threat. The worsened to an extent it was almost going physical. This brought a lot of tension in office and the senior management was called upon to intervene. What I did, I made my due diligence and consultation about the matter by obtaining the right facts from the two members. I asked each of them to explain what they know about the conflict. After collecting the facts I asked them to give independently the solution before I further give my verdict. As a result, we discussed together and amicably got a solution to the problem. Although the event of solving the crisis was successful, I can ascribe to (Coombs, 2007) that failure to select a team and failure to draw a conflict management plan to solve a crisis has an impact on the verdict of this crisis hence this affected the outcome to some extent. Also, time was a problem because we hurriedly made a decision very fast without calling upon witness to give their testimony. As such, I can`t summarize that the information gathered was enough as much as we arrived at a solution. In future, I will deploy new strategies of management a similar crisis by selecting the best team to discuss the matter in a forum and maybe create a crisis management plan to guide us to make decisions. The plan should include: gathering of facts, preparedness, communicating effectively, assemble resources and create a crisis management team to handle the problem as a group (Perrone, 1999). The obstacle that will always be present when dealing with crisis; now and in future is the obstacle of dealing with personal and people emotions (Mitroff Anagnos, 2001). We ought to be moderate and fair when giving chances because the problems of being biased in a meeting to solve crisis might turn out to cause adverse problems or even interfere with the outcome of the crisis management process. Also, time is another issue whereby as the investigator I should take much time to extract facts if the matter is not of urgency. References Violence in the Workplace. 2009.Security Manager's Guide to Disasters, 151-171. doi:10.1201/9781439809075.ch24 Perrone, S., 1999.Violence in the Workplace(Vol. 22). Canberra: Australian Institute of Criminology. Mitroff, I.I. and Anagnos, G., 2001. Managing crisis before they happen.AMACOM American Management Association. Coombs, T.W., 2007. Crisis management and comm